Interview with Abraham about his practice and background

  • Q : What types of projects you do in your practice?A : I work on many types and sizes of projects in our office, but we do have a concentration in residential renovations such as apartment buildings, individual apartments, commercial retail stores and offices. Also, among our specializations we excel in renovation of historical buildings.
  • Q : Tell me about your architectural design style?A : My educational background included emphasis in the history of classical architecture and great 20th century modern masters like Wright, Le Corbusier, Van der Roe, and Khan. During my apprentice years, I worked in very technically progressive firms where rational thinking and process were eminent. I merged these into a personal design approach which is based on evocative expression of materials and function driven design.
  • Q : How do you develop a good working relationship with your client?A : I think it starts with the basics. I carefully listen to my client, respect their ideas, and understand their needs and resources. Next is informing them about the process and the role of all the players; the consulting engineer, the contractor, and potential problems along the way so they know what to expect in terms of cost and time. Ultimately, it is that personal relationship of trust between the Architect and Client that create memorable, efficient, and well-constructed spaces.
  • Q : How is your firm different from others in your area?A : Design and construction is a complex process in the New York metropolitan area. It is full of unknown obstacles and many tough decision points along the way. I would say, that aside from our meticulous attention to detail, the main difference from others is the way we protect our Clients by preventing surprises, unanticipated costs, and time delays. We do this by organization and extensive preventive planning. We conduct preliminary code checks, investigate existing conditions thoroughly, and we obtain budget estimates. Our design development is based on sustainable materials and technologies, monitoring costs and keeping our Client appraised. We also encourage our Clients to obtain multiple bids and we do a rigorous bid analysis.
  • Q : Can you briefly describe your background?A : I emigrated from Uruguay as a young man aspiring to study architecture, that was likely sparked by traveling widely as a child. In the beginning, I worked as a draftsman during the day and attended CCNY architecture school in the evening, where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree and later a Master’s Degree in Urban Design from Pratt Institute. After graduation, I worked for the City of New York Housing Development and New York architectural firms for about ten years before forming my own practice. I continue to travel, and study emerging materials and technologies. I like to believe that my life and professional experience allows me to help my Clients achieve their dreams and hopefully enhance their lives.